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I've been w/ HH since Feb 2014 and became a tech lead... but ultimately rebelled against operations management, and decided to leave for several reasons: * the expat director (a hindu) that replaced our very own former pinoy director was indifferent when it comes to work strategies.

This indian kept on insisting by replacing the non-performers whose only 3 months-tenure from hiring. On the other hand, HR management stated, it is very easy to attrite these agents because they are not yet regularized. OMG ! COMMENT: We all believe there's always room for improvement, am I correct?

3 months is not enough to test the skills of a newbie TSR. Unfortunately, HH started this crooked policy since early 2nd quarter 2015 until current. Even a fluctuating scorecard. An example would be 1st month (passed), 2nd month (failed), 3rd month (passed), 4th month (failed), 5th month (passed).

Even though...., this trend of kpi will suddenly count you to the non-performers. Let's say, out of 256 TSR's only 35% of it meets their kpis, the rest....well say bye bye to HH. They called it TOC termination of contract. So what is the side-effect?

Agent demotivation. * The ambience was good as per many, because of only a few numbered steps directly to your favourite mall shop Market Market. But when you work inside HH for several months until a year, you'll notice that the environment becomes very dull/boring regardless of their trying hard Events manager to create an effort for cultural activities which was also rated below average from surveys . It is very call center old-school type, no windows to view, air conditioning was ineffective, pantry food is very disgusting despite a clean area, the area was too small only 3 basketball courts long and all accounts are joined on one production area with less security data conscious.

As if you are working on a government agency like city hall. * Poor female operation managers (not all but a few) who keep on pushing metrics for kpis which are not feasible to attain. Since our workforce management works good, as well as with QA and training, these 3 departments improved a lot...., except for the operations. Very disappointing !

*Late 2014, when I was new, we have payroll problems that involved HR and mostly the bank. It happened twice a year. For 2015, it happened again twice. Then 2016, for the record, it happened thrice !

jesus christ !!! what is wrong with HR and the bank? *For me its a different journey, the talent acquisition team performed well , I gave them 5 stars for doing a great job including the security. Unlike the com-ben HR (compensation/benefits) and admin HR, so sad, it is not enough for them to show their mercy and help for those newly-hired newbies.

It seems, they are happy if we had the next batch of attrition. Very savage !

HH for me is a place of accidental work wherein people come in and go most of the time. Of course, why should I recommend HH ?

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